How to Prepare for Another Baby after Experiencing PND.

I guess I’ve been very lucky to not have experienced Post Natal Depression (PND) with any of my 6 babies.  I have helped many women with PND and helped them prepare for their next baby.  If you have experienced PND it’s likely you are anxious about having another baby but the good news is there are steps you can take to minimise your risks with this pregnancy and set yourself on a different path, a path to a more joyous experience for you and the baby.

When clients come into my yoga classes and my VIP programs they are often still suffering some depression and anxiety and this is the first thing we work with.  Many women suffer anxiety as well as depression because they are holding trauma from the birth or from the post natal period itself.  A Birth Debrief is essential and I have found Energy Healing to be the most effective and efficient way to do this.  It is extremely effective at integrating what you need from your previous experience and clearing residue negative emotions, trauma or beliefs from the experience so that you can feel like you have a clean slate and that you are ready deep within yourself to take the next steps.  Energy Healing is a 60 minute session that uses muscle testing and yoga breathing to integrate and clear emotions, experience and beliefs.  Most people feel lighter, happier, clearer and ‘more themselves’ afterwards.  It helps you to feel less anxious and more trusting in your choices and your future and is a wonderful tool as sessions can be done by skype.

Once you have cleared the fog and allowed yourself to ‘let go’ a little, you will feel more relaxed and ready to move on to preparing for another pregnancy, birth and child if that’s what you are wanting.   Here are the steps that I take my clients through after a debrief or Energy Healing:

  1.  Write down how you would like to experience your pregnancy, birth and baby this time.
  2. Research your options and the best pathways to achieve your ideal experience.  Learn from hindsight, knowing you did your absolute best last time with the support and information that you had.
  3. Allow yourself time to sit back and contemplate your options.  This will help you to become more intuitive and listen to your body.
  4. Take appropriate actions to alter your lifestyle and your mindset so they are aligned with your goals.  Being open to new ways of doing things is essential here.

Preparing for birth is fundamental to a positive outcome.  Many women are winging it or leaving all the responsibility in their caregivers’ hands.  You need to look out for you and be assertive about asking questions and asking for what you want and what you need.  Your emotional state after birth is often directly related to your experience during birth and the immediate post natal period due to the way your hormones work.

Post Natal Depression (PND) is often due to these hormones which are greatly affected by your experience in birth and afterwards.  You need to boost your hormones as much as possible in birth and after you have the baby (early post natal period).  Medical Interventions do interrupt these hormones and so should be avoided where possible and in the case that medical intervention is used, there are steps you can take to minimise the effects on your ‘feel good’ labour hormones and boost your sense of joy, achievement, attachment to the baby (bonding) and much more.  Here are 3 ways to help boost your labour hormones for a happier time with your next baby:

  1.  Allow yourself to slow down in pregnancy.  Women who work all the way up though their pregnancy are more susceptible to PND, especially if their job is stressful and a lot of responsibility.  Most women need to stop work earlier than they planned as their expectations are not realistic.
  2. Create a birth plan that supports normal labour and your labour hormones.  Women need a quiet, cozy and safe space to labour and they need to feel extremely secure and safe in this environment.  These are key factors to maximising labour hormones.  Your birth plan should include maximising skin to skin time and minimal disturbances after birth.  Skin to Skin and minimal disturbances are most important. If this is not possible immediately, it is important to create ‘make-up time’ as soon as you can.
  3. Rest with the baby after birth for at least 2-4 weeks.  Allow yourself this time to recover, get to know your baby, learn to breastfeed and look after your baby.  Having a baby is a huge and profound experience.   You need to allow your body and your energy to recover from the pregnancy and the birth. Continue to rest while you learn to look after the baby so that your body can restore itself.

If you follow these steps you will have more energy, more ‘feel good’ hormones and less chance of PND, which ultimately means a much happier and joyous experience with your baby.  Birth and motherhood can been wonderful and I would be honoured to help you as I feel every woman deserves to have the information, support and resources to give themselves and their baby the absolute best start possible together.


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