Podcast – Feminism and Motherhood with Penny Griffin

“As soon as motherhood is mentioned every choice that a woman makes is open to some kind of public debate or scrutiny – this really troubles me.”

Feminism is a word that can conjure up all sorts of ideas and negative connotations from the way the so-called Feminist has been portrayed in the media.   This is interesting given that the definition of a Feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.  How can this phrase or topic be ‘passe’?  Our guest Dr Penny Griffin has a PhD in Politics and International Relations and a passion for Feminist Theory.  As women, and as mothers we are consuming an ideal image of ourselves which is often misaligned to our own personal values and needs. Is consuming high-end products really the epitomy of feminism?  Not according to Dr Griffin.

“We are surrounded by choices that are problematic”, she says and a “System that regulates women in terms of motherhood.”


Show notes:

  • Are we in a post-feminist era and what does that mean?
  • How does the media agenda effect your expectations as a woman?
  • Do we even want what we are expected to want?
  • The mythology around motherhood
  • What do we hear when we hear the words feminist and feminism
  • The sea-change since Julia Guillard’s mysonginist speach
  • What does feminism mean for motherhood in 2016?
  • What do the youth of today have to say?

“To me, Feminism is about paying attention to the apparently trivial, mundane and intimate aspects of our lives.”  Dr Penny Griffin.

You can buy her book “Popular Culture, Political Economy and the Death of Feminism” 

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