Relationship Repair with Efrat Wolfson

Being consciously aware is the name of the game these days – Conscious living and conscious parenting to name but a  few.  Efrat Wolfson brings her expertise on relationships, communication and conflict resolution through her signature program The Conscious Couples Formula. Efrat has turned Conflict Resolution into an art with a very simple but extremely profound understanding and approach.

“We need to start translating judgment into deep needs” she says.  “Look for a solution to meet both needs – It can be complex but not impossible.”

She has background in facilitating conflict resolution between Palestinian-Israeli youth and adults, has a Masters in Human Rights Education and she co-founded a community Eco-Centre in Israel where they help to create a sustainable way of living and communicating.  What she discovered was “The dynamics of conflict between countries and people are exactly the same”.

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Show Notes:

  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict
  • The reason we start blaming, justifying, shaming and accusing
  • What labelling does to our relationship
  • Why we need to “start applying a genuine curiosity”
  • How the BUT negates all that you’ve previously said
  • The need to connect before jumping to solutions
  • How our subconscious beliefs effect our relationships and our communication
  • The number one reason we lose ourselves in a relationship

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