3 Quick Fixes to get You Bouncing out of Bed before your Kids.

After having 6 kids, I became exhausted and my days started with my kids trying to drag me out of bed. In short, it was a horrible place to be in my life. I felt I wasn’t giving anywhere enough to my kids, I wasn’t enjoying my time with them and to be frank, I felt like I was being a really crap mum and I felt guilty, exhausted and seemed to be stuck on a downward spiral. I want to share with you some of the key things that I did to turn things around – quick and easy things for a tired mum who feels at a loss – if you feel too exhausted to even think about a solution, let alone act upon it then these tips are especially for you. I want you too to be bouncing out of bed, feeling on top of the world, present with your children and finishing the day with the feeling that you are in fact an AWESOME mum!

I worked through this for 2 years on my own and have had an over-whelming response from women feeling the same way, eventually creating a very successful morning meditation program called Rise & Shine for mums just like you. I think it’s a phenomenon that’s become a catch 22 for women. As we soldier on being everything to everyone, we finally get to a point of being depleted, exhausted and on the back foot. As I said to one of my clients this week, if you are so wound up, it’s too hard to just stop. Theres a gentle winding down process that needs to happen. If it’s taken you years to get into this state, you can’t expect to un-do it over night. So here’s some quick tips to get the process going, but before we get into that there’s some ground rules you need to set for yourself:

Ground Rule 1: Be Patient with yourself, be kind to yourself and practice Self-empathy.

Ground Rule 2: Throw out any negative self talk or judgements about how things should or shouldn’t be. There is no right or wrong and you don’t want this to be another chore – it will defeat the purpose.

Ground Rule 3: Join our Facebook Group if you want positive peer support. www.facebook.com/groups/empoweringmotherhood

With these ground rules and intentions you’ll place yourself in the best position to get the most out of these quick fixes to help get you bouncing out of bed before the kids!


  1. Get a better nights sleep by reading, journalling or listening to relaxation music before bed instead of watching tv or playing on your smart phone.
  2. Reset your circadian rhythm  by waking your mind and body with a fresh glass of water, going outside in the light for your morning cup of tea or even going for a short early morning walk.
  3. Learn to say NO!  Pace yourself and learn to say no.  Once a day say no to something that you know is not going to fill you up but is going to drain the very last bit of energy that you have.  What will you say no to today?


If you commit to these small things you will not only give yourself the valuable time that you need to restore your energy, you will also start to unwind a little and feel the benefits – so much so that you will prioritise your wellbeing more and more easily.  Ae they saying goes, you can’t look after your family if you don’t look after yourself! but it’s often a lesson learnt the hard way.

Take Inspired Action: Comment in the post the three things you are going to do.

By writing it down and proclaiming it your subconscious mind will get to work, the universe will get to work and those around you will get to work to support you.

Tara x

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