How to use Mindful Rituals to Create a Happier Household

The ‘Inner Book of Wisdom’ is inside of us. We have to start learning to TRUST it again.” – Tara Darlington

“Restoration and relaxation go hand in hand with self-preservation. How often do you pause to appreciate the inner wisdom that resides within you? How often do you nurture the voice inside that cries out for your attention? If you answered, “Not often enough”, then you are in for a real treat. Tara Darlington, Managing Director of Empowering Motherhood is an inspiring mother of six, who knows how to make time for herself. Coming to you from ‘Down Under’ in Sydney, Australia, this amazing mom is an energy healer, yoga instructor, AND parenting educator who seeks to empower 10 million women to embrace their Women’s Wisdom! This Connoisseur of Women’s Wisdom loves to teach about the art and science of all aspects of being a girl, a woman, a wife, and an entrepreneur! BUT, it all starts with a healthy sense of knowing your inner self so you can serve everyone else from that unique and powerful place. ” Yoli Tamu

The highlights of this life-affirming call:

  • Learn how daily routines benefit your relationship with your teen daughter.
  • Understand the ‘security’ in preparing AND eating dinner together at the table.
  • Learn how to introduce meditative practices to your daughter.
  • Understand the SIMPLE POWER of your breath!!
  • Find out the restorative value of the Menstrual Cycle!!…Who Knew?? 

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Tara x

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