The Existential Crisis of Womanhood

As I work more and more intently supporting women through their huge life transitions, I’ve had the privilege to gain a deep and intimate understanding of the inner conflict facing many women today. I’ve been coaching through their life transitions for over 14 years (as a yoga teacher, doula, healer and mentor) together with having 6 children of my own and 19 years of young children at home, (my oldest just finished school and my youngest just started school) I certainly know what’s it like to go through the cycles of transition.  The expectations we have on ourselves often make these transitions extremely difficult, leaving women feeling wounded and alone.

Many women I meet feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed, exhausted, depleted, anxious, isolate and stressed – like they are going around in circles and not getting anywhere at all.  They describe their day as being dragged along by the never-ending to-do list of others’ needs and demands and can’t find a moment to catch their breath.  They describe their competence as having too many things going in different directions and having their attention and energy dispersed in so many directions that they feel they aren’t doing anything particularly well.  They feel a lack of achievement, a lack of success and lack of self-worth in many areas of their life.

Ironically, they know that they are ‘lucky’ to have children, a nice home and food on the table.  They know they should be ‘grateful’ for all that they have as many others do not – but still, an energy of burden,  exhaustion and depletion dominates.  Psychologists tell them to practice gratitude and mindfulness.  They try to tell themselves they are lucky and should be grateful which adds the worst layers of all – the guilt and the shame of feeling like shit and like it’s all about to implode when they ‘should’ be feeling happy and grateful.   All of this mixed together is just leading to depression and anxiety for many women.

So the good news is – there is an existential crisis for women (so you’re not going crazy and you’re not alone!)

What is the problem here?  Why are so many women feeling like this?

Quite simply our lives are over complicated, the nuclear family has failed many of us, we are trying to be too many things to too many people and our expectations and identity are not only challenging our everyday thinking but also affecting our everyday being.

If you’re playing the superwoman, the woman who goes above and beyond, the woman that people say to, “I don’t know how you do it” and you smile back thinking (Omg, I’m not!), then listen up.  You need to get back to some of the simple things in life that make you happy.

You know that you’re headed for burn out.  that’s because you’re borrowing energy from your future self. 

How long can you actually keep going like this?  You’re living on borrowed time. (or as I like to put it, you’re living on borrowed energy).

Your lifestyle is depleting your energy, your motivation and sucking any enjoyment you maybe still getting out of your life – in fact, you are sucking the life right out of yourself – literally! – and oh the irony, in trying to stay young and successful, you are cultivating the exact opposite feeling within yourself.
What if I told you there was a different energy source, but you’re not tapped into it.   You’re tapped into the wrong fuel and it’s not only depleting quicker, it’s also causing unnecessary wear and tear.
What if I told you there’s a deeper energy source that your soul is craving, that you’ve all but forgotten.  A renewable energy source that is just the right fuel for you as a busy woman.
What if I told you there’s a collective energy source of the deep feminine that is waiting for you to plug in, to welcome you home and give you exactly what you need.
It’s time to unplug from this depleting energy source by unwinding, untangling and decluttering your overly-busy life.
It’s time to rest, restore and heal the wounds from this over-complicated life you’ve been leading and of the deep feminine woman we have experienced individually and as a collective.
It’s time to create a new reality where you feel energised, supported, valued and held – as a whole woman.
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