3 Expectations that You need to Reconsider in Pregnancy

I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby 17 years ago, all I knew was that I didn’t want any medical intervention for my birth. I was more scared of hospitals than a natural birth and I didn’t have much money so I did a lot of researching (although, not on the internet 17 years ago. It was calling people, asking for more info and chatting to people in Bondi cafes). I learnt everything I could until I felt completely at ease about whatever the outcome was. I was ready for everything and anything. I was positive and I wasn’t going to let any body shake my positivity. I knew that being completely relaxed and positive while letting go of how it was going to unfold was one of the absolute keys.

If you want to feel ready and at complete ease about your birth, there are a few things you need to now that aren’t really shared liberally by women or society. You sort of have to seek it out. I want to bring this information to as many women as possible. Many women I speak to come to me because they are looking for someone to show them the pathway and that’s what I’m here to do! I find many women are waiting for that moment when someone tells them exactly what to do, but no-one ever really does.

Here’s the framework I used:

  1. With a positive mind-set, my expectations were idealistic but flexible. I was open to new ideas.
  2. I invested my time and money in becoming as healthy and informed as I could.
  3. I carefully filtered who and where I got my information from so that my resources and advice were on the same page as me and could support my vision.
  4. I made choices that supported my vision 100%

The funny thing was, that I didn’t set out with realistic expectations. I had the same assumption as many that I could work right up to having the baby and would be back selling houses with my baby somewhere (I hadn’t thought about that). It was my severe morning sickness (known as hyperemesis) that brought me crashing down into reality and today I am grateful that it did.

I also had some unrealistic expectations about having a newborn baby. As I said I had little money, so I was feeling guilty that I couldn’t afford this and that luxury for the baby. Again this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I carried my baby, slept with my baby, breastfed my baby and only had love and attention to give her. Now I know more, I realise this is the best possible start for baby, so again I’m grateful for where my life flowed to.


Here’s 3 expectations that you may need to re-consider:


  1. Work : You will probably be ready to finish work somewhere between 32 and 36 weeks. Listening to this calling is important as it is your body telling you that it’s time to slow down and listen carefully.
  2. Family & Friends : You may have the expectation that your mum, your sister or your best friend is going to be the one you want to share this intimate journey with. If they don’t support your vision you will have to find this support else where, perhaps in someone unexpected.
  3. Yourself : As women in the 21st century we have lot of expectations of ourselves as independent and capable. You will need to see asking for help and not being able to keep all the balls in the air as a strength not a weakness. It’s the strength of community and we all need this.


Once you become aware of these expectations you will find that you become more intuitive, more clear and that you make decisions with greater ease.

Share with us to help others, what expectations do you feel you need to reconsider and what difference do you think it will make it you?

So back to my introduction, sometimes we are guided in ways that don’t make sense at the time. Be open-minded and you will find the best path for you.


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