Are you ready to add a touch of magic to your life?  Discover the joy or working with the Moon Cycles (instead of against it).

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Are you ready to press the re-set button on your life? 

Do you want to feel inspired and energised by your daily routine instead of drained and depleted?  

And as a flow on effect inspire and energise those around you?

Our Thrive! program is a unique blend of yoga, healing, coaching and community   for busy women who want to recalibrate and create an amazing next chapter in their life.  


It's time to be the one that lights up the room!

A specialised program to help you to create more energy, more time, more creativity, joy and abundance in your everyday life.

This program is for you if:

You're ready to stop worrying, rushing, being 'busy' and you no longer want to compromise or miss out. 

You want genuine joy, flow and enthusiasm in your life.

You no longer want concerns about your pelvic floor sitting in the back of your mind.


Why?  All these things are interconnected.  Fatigue, busy-ness, anxiety, worrying, sore back, poor posture and a weak pelvic floor.

Each chapter of your life requires you to shed what you no longer need, turn inward and ask yourself,

"What do I really want to be creating in  my life right now?"

"What legacy do I want to leave for this chapter of my life?"

If you don't stop and recalibrate you simply collect a clutter of emotions, visions, intentions and creating becomes a heavy chore instead of a light-filled joy!

The corner stone to this program is learnging to work with the moon Cycles.  Working with the Cycles of the Moon helps you to do just that.  It's the missing link for many women today.  As a woman, when you're in sync with the Moon, you effectively spring clean your energy on a monthly basis with very little effort.  It's a lifestyle with self-care integrated into your very way of being.

Empowering Motherhood's Thrive Program isn't about needing to find time to escape your family.

It will help you to re-create an energising lifestyle, connect to your inner wisdom and find true purpose and productivity, that's just right for you NOW ..  all in bite size pieces especially designed for busy women.

Create joy and connection in your life for you and your family!

Join our community and we reach out our hands and lift each other up for a MAGICAL2019 and beyond!

What's involved?

  • Declutter & Spring Clean your inner world and your outer world for more clarity, focus and energy
  • Recalibrate your life so that it is giving you as much as you are giving it
  • Discover how working with the cycle of the moon gives you energy, joy and flow in your life
  • Learn to clear heavy, tired and murky energy from your system
  • Plug into a renewable energy source that honours you as a Whole Woman
  • Recover pelvic floor strength through lifestyle changes
  • 2 Energy Healings included - 1 hour sessions to clear residue 'space junk', emotions and trauma to reconnect with your true, vibrant self
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Thrive Program Includes:

4 weekly group sessions,

2 Private Energy Healings,

Online Rise & Shine Morning Meditation Program



Investment : 3 payments of $250 or upfront payment of $650

Next Dates:

Group Sessions start Monday July 22, 8pm




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NOTE:  Graduates Course offered at a sizeable discount



The past two years have been the toughest years of my life. It all started with the pregnancy of my beautiful daughter. I had Hypermesis and on top of that my waters broke at 25 week. I was on bed rest in hospital until my daughter graced us with her presence at 32 weeks. Everyday was a blessing but everyday was also stressful (I thought I was coping well).
After the birth we found out my daughter had a heart defect and needed surgery immediately. For most of her little life we have had hospital stays every few months because of a low immunity but the worst was when she had seizures due to encephalitis. That was when I finally broke. This mountain had become to hard to climb, I was now carrying it on my shoulders.
I had constant anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks and dizziness. My stress was so bad that I’d developed chronic neck tension which pulled my c1 and c2 vertebrae out of alignment. I was literally falling apart both physically and mentally. I was a shell of my former self.
After seeing everyone from chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychologists, natropaths and neurologists I was reminded of my ex prenatal yoga teacher, Tara.
I emailed her straight away about what I was going through and she assured me she could help.
I began THRIVE accompanied with the RISE and SHINE course. This is when when the game changed.
My anxiety has simmered down dramatically (things just don’t get to me as they once did), I don’t feel the constant loom of a panic attack, I sleep at least 6 hrs every night (which is improving by the week) and I’ve found a new passion in spending time with my wonderful children and gorgeous husband.
Thank you Tara, I’ve finally found ‘ME’. It’s been magical.

Ashley xx


So I arrived home from a trip in the U.S knowing I needed to start yoga. I was feeling frumpy , unfit and a little depressed about where I was in my life, (as a stay at home mum.)
My first morning back ,bam! I ran into Tara in Dural and so began the first of my manifestations. Tara suggested 2 classes a week.
Tara spoke with me first about my life and how I was feeling she suggested I come along to the 3 day retreat and also to join in with one of the Thrive courses she was running.
I did all three! I joined 2 yoga classes every week. The retreat was amazing! Not only was it relaxing ,but I tuned into myself and realized I needed to manifest something great.
So I attended the 4 week Thrive course and that's where everything changed! During this time , I decluttered my mind and my life and now I have created my own business in the beautiful sanctuary of my home.
I can't believe that in such a short time I have changed my mindset and feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. My thoughts are free , happy and the toxic people in my life are gone or I found a way to enjoy them in my time and space and under my conditions.

And I thought I was just needing to do some yoga ����

Thank you Tara ! You are an angel xxx

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"Like all Mums, I want to be the best mother I can be to my two-year-old boy, whom I love to the moon and back. Trying to do that while balancing (or not balancing) a high-powered full-time job left me exhausted. In a loop of work-mother-work-mother-work-mother, I found myself completely depleted. Tara and Thrive showed me how to build simple measures and habits into my everyday to care for myself and replenish my inner resources. Ultimately that has brought more joy, energy and focus to both family and work. Thank you Tara."


About Tara

Many extraordinary people thank their mothers above all else.

We all know that motherhood is the mother of all jobs - yet it's all too often cast off to the side by our society.  Are we really doing our absolute best?  Does it have to be exhausting?  Or is there another way?  I'm here to tell you there is another way.

My mission is to empower change in the world by re-empowering women, especially in motherhood.

My mission is to help 10 million women move from SURVIVE to THRIVE in motherhood, creating a tribe of awe-inspiring women, mothers and leaders in our communities and a paradigm shift for women around the world.

From early on, as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Teacher, I took great interest in women's health, self care and healthy self-image.  After my first baby at 26 I became passionate about empowering women to be pro-active about their birth choices and a parenting style that supports the natural development and wellbeing of both mum and baby.  Since then, I have had 5 more children (including 4 home-births) and have worked with over 1000  women in the capacity of Yoga Teacher, Doula and Birth Educator.

In more recent years, I qualified as an Energy Healer as I could see how powerful this could be to help women, as a collective, to clear past trauma, stuck emotions and stories and create a happy and fulfilling future for themselves and their family.

I believe as women and as mothers we hold a huge responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations.

My goal is to help you to thrive and to give the absolute best of yourself to your life and your children - so that our children get the absolute best possible upbringing and are able to put their best foot forward in their life.