Post Birth Recovery Yoga class with Baby by your side or in your arms. Reconnect with your body, your needs, strength & grace.

 After yoga enjoy our  morning tea where you have the opportunity to learn the Art of Motherhood in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This is an informative session that will support you to work out what is best for you and your baby.

Mums & Bubs Class Times

Mondays & Wenesdays 10.30am to 12noon

1 hour yoga, followed by morning tea


Classes run by the school term

$25 per class paid by the term, or part thereof

includes morning tea

What to bring

As yoga is done in bare feet, it's best to have your own mat.  I do have spares if you don't have one or forget your mat.  A bottle of water and warm layers a good also.

For the baby, please bring what you would normally take out with you.  A blanket for the floor is recommended.  Many of the women bring their baby carriers and baby  bouncer.

Morning Tea

After yoga you join our Pearls of Wisdom Morning Tea where you have the opportunity to learn the Art of Motherhood in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  This is an informative session that will support you to work out what is best for you and your baby.

Here's an opportunity for you to create your own local network, support each other and perhaps even make life-longs friends.

Mum's Recovery

Connect with your pelvic floor

Develop deep core stability

  • Strengthen posture, legs and upper body
  • Inverted postures to bring your uterus & bladder back into their correct position
  • Increase your energy levels & focus
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Connect with your needs & new friends
  • Work through the 3 Stages to Recovery Program at your own pace - all within the same class.

For Baby

  • Learn how to support baby's natural development
  • Learn baby massage techniques
  • Discover importance of play for development of brain, social skills and emotional intelligence
  • Supportive, baby-friendly environment


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Regular classes are held in North West Sydney

Kinder Cafe

3 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill


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or call Tara on 0405 456 617

Tara Tara

Tara is providing a much needed "village" for women and especially new mothers, through Yoga. It can't be stressed enough how important this is - for women in early motherhood to have a place to go to where they can feel supported and safe, and develop a community of like-minded mothers to share with. Am so glad that I finally made it along to mums n bubs yoga!

Michele Michele

I initially attended Tara's prenatal yoga class which I LOVED. Hubby and I then attended the Active birth workshop which prepared us for our little one's arrival and gave us a fresh perspective about the labour journey ahead.
I now attend Mums and Bubs yoga. Each week I leave the class feeling reenergised and looking forward to our next one. Tara creates a safe, supportive group for like-minded mums (and beautiful bubs!) where we listen to our bodies, our babies and each other, and where breastfeeding is encouraged!
I appreciate Tara's expertise and guidance when I approach her with any and all questions about my bub's wellbeing. But most of all attending Tara's classes have given me the confidence to be a mum. A calm, present and unapologetic mum!

Amanda Amanda

Thank you Tara for creating such a wonderful space for new mums in the mums and bubs yoga classes - I feel so much better (mentally and physically) at the 5 month mark this time around.

Melinda Melinda

Tara's mums and bubs yoga classes are one of a kind. Tara not only instructs yoga and provides advice about post-partum recovery. Tara also provides her first hand knowledge about raising babies and encourages mothers to follow their natural instincts in caring for their babies. It is also so great to chat with like minded women in a supportive environment.

Nicole Nicole

I highly recommend Tara's prenatal and mums and bubs yoga- both helped me gain confidence and knowledge about my transition into motherhood. It's not just the yoga itself (which has made my body back to better then it was before falling pregnant) but it's the support received from Tara and the other mothers that has been of huge benefit.

Lizzy Lizzy

Tara supported me in all stages of my pregnancy journey, starting with the active yoga workshop where I gained confidence and an appreciation for natural birth and the elements defining it. I participated in the prenatal classes, loving the safe and supportive women with whom I shared my pregnant journey. And now, I participate in the mums and bubs yoga with my little guy. This is my mothers group, it is my weekly outing and my weekly "hug". I highly recommend this supportive and nurturing family, it's an opportunity to forge a healthy journey in motherhood.

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