This is a specialised yoga class for women that integrates ancient wisdoms of the feminine moon cycle into your general yoga practice.

 Work with your body’s natural cycles (instead of against them) to improve your strength & energy levels, foster a calm & clear emotional and mental state and bring balance to your life.

No longer allow your resources to drain from you, resulting in fatigue and emotional & hormonal imbalances.  Instead, foster energy, strength and clarity.  Perfect for general health & wellbeing (including pre-pregnancy)

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Women's Yoga Class Times

Tuesdays 6.15pm

Tuesdays 10am

Wednesdays 7.00pm (Warrior Goddess Power Hour)

Wednesdays 8.00pm (Yin yoga for Anxiety)

Thursdays 8pm

Saturdays 8.00am


Classes run by the school term

$20 per class paid by the term, or part thereof

Includes 20 minute private coaching session

What to bring

As yoga is done in bare feet, it's best to have your own mat.  I do have spares if you don't have one or forget your mat.  A bottle of water and warm layers a good also.

Benefits of Women's Yoga

  •    Learn breathing techniques to help manage stress

  •    Improved sleep

  •   Connect with your deep, inner needs

  •   Increased Energy Levels

  •  Increased intuition and clarity with decision making

Women's Yoga can help with specific needs

  •     Relieve back pain and correct posture

  •     Improve Pelvic Floor health

  •     Reduce and manage anxiety

  •     Calm and heal emotional disturbances

  •     Improve general well-being

  •     Improve sleep quality and ability to relax
  •     Prepare for Pregnancy


Regular classes are held in North West Sydney

Kinder Cafe

3 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill


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The gentle but restorative Women's Moon Yoga has been a great way to get back some me time  and work on some birth related core issues.  Tara's all round nurturing approach has given me a true love of yoga xx

Register HereClick Here for Class Details & Bookings