A restorative practice to help you unwind, slow down, untangle and get back to feeling like yourself.  This class is a vinyasa flow to help soothe the nervous system and includes specific yoga practices that are well documented to help with anxiety and depression.

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Yin Yoga for Anxiety Class Times

Wednesday 8pm


Classes run by the school term

$20 per class paid by the term, or part thereof

Includes 20 minute private coaching session

What to bring

As yoga is done in bare feet, it's best to have your own mat.  I do have spares if you don't have one or forget your mat.  A bottle of water and warm layers a good also.

Benefits of Women's Yoga

  •    Learn breathing techniques to help manage stress

  •    Improved sleep

  •   Connect with your deep, inner needs

  •   Increased Energy Levels

  •  Increased intuition and clarity with decision making

Women's Yoga can help with specific needs

  •     Relieve back pain and correct posture

  •     Improve Pelvic Floor health

  •     Reduce and manage anxiety

  •     Calm and heal emotional disturbances

  •     Improve general well-being

  •     Improve sleep quality and ability to relax


Regular classes are held in North West Sydney

Kinder Cafe

3 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill


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"Very hard to condense the awesome change you have made in my life..."

"The universe is a funny thing; I was guided towards Tara at a much needed time of need. I had suffered a miscarriage that rocked me very badly.

Attending Tara’s (Yin) Yoga class for (my) Loss  made me tune into my needs, rest, recovery and allow me to heal mentally, emotionally and physically while guiding me into a much calmer state both on and off the mat.

I have now discovered a true passion and spiritual side of myself through yoga so much so I’m going on my own yoga teacher training journey."

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