Ready for an Active Summer?  

7-Day Pelvic Floor Activation Program

Yoga for your pelvic floor

7 Simple, no-fuss videos and, the best thing is  -


Are you sick of the guilt of not doing your kegel exercises (or finding they are simply not working)?

Are you tired of having this issue sitting in the back of your mind?

Are you looking for an effective and time efficient way to sort this out once and for all?

YES! Awesome. Join us on our 7 Day Program in which I will teach you how to correct your pelvic alignment and breathing so that your pelvic floor is naturally activated - and you are ready for an active summer with your family and friends!

The yoga for pelvic floor strength is about alignment, breathing and awareness.  Learn how to make sure you are activating your pelvic floor in your yoga AND in your daily life.


During these 7 days you will learn:

  • How to connect with your pelvic floor and activate correctly
  • How your habit of being busy-being-busy keeps your pelvic floor weak and how to fix this
  • How to take a whole new approach that people aren't talking about (and why kegel exercises often DO NOT work!)
  • How to integrate regular self care into your week that has the bonus benefit of strengthening your pelvic floor (I'm talking relaxation!!!)

In this 7 day challenge I will personally work alongside you to implement the tools and techniques that get my clients results.

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NOTE:  If you would like to make a time to talk about your personal situation  book here

What our client's say.


must say I have got an amazing energy and vibe to get up and be 'happy' now.

I've had a couple of months of feeling very very tired and having to drag myself out of bed.

Not only has my pelvic floor improved, my energy level have too.

Thank you and thank you :). Its amazing how powerful some words and people are 🙂


I just got back from my weekly gymnastics class and we did trampolining for the first time in a few months. I wear disposable incontinence pants for gymnastics just in case we do trampolining, because I leak an insufferable amount and it's embarrassing if I don't. I also run off to the toilet within the first few minutes because even though I've got that protection, I can still feel it leaking so try to reduce it as much as possible.

Today, for the first time in YEARS I did not need to run off to the toilet. I was wearing the pants, but I didn't need them. It was a significant improvement. I thoroughly enjoyed my class tonight.



Thanks Tara ... I'm feeling stronger and big improvement in lbl :). So simple, yet so effective.

(light bladder leakage)


Posture is the key to all the rest , as soon as I tuck that pelvis in I feel better and I can do it all day without having to stop working.  As a Chiro, I'm quite impressed at the yoga approach.  It's definitely about awareness and lifestyle, not Kegel exercises.


I recently completed the 4 wk sensational pelvic floor recovery course with Tara. I rated the strength of my pelvic floor at just 3/10. I hadn’t been paying attention to myself or my lady bits! During the course Tara supported me and helped me to gain clarity. Her workshops were fun and relaxing. I have a different mindset about my posture and my pelvic floor now. I currently rate the strength of my pelvic floor as 8/10. I highly recommended this course for all mums.


This is amazing!  I've been struggling with my PF since I had my baby, but this program worked and now I know just what to do to fix the problem.  Easy.


I as booked in for surgery for my prolapse.  I followed Tara's Pelvic Floor Program as well as some energy work and private classes with Tara. - I can hardly believed I have been able to confidently cancel my surgery.


I wasn't aware it was a pelvic floor problem, but I felt a heaviness in the area which was especially uncomfortable when coughing and sneezing.    Some tweaks to the way I do things, and the improvement has been enormous.