8 Steps To Thriving In Quarantine

What is the secret to thriving in quarantine?  If you look at the news or social media, it’s pretty difficult not to get sucked into the vortex of COVID-19 numbers that are always presenting themselves. It’s a rabbit hole of negativity.

Keeping a positive mindset is paramount. Your daily rhythm needs to help you stay purposeful, productive and positive.

We have 8 people in the household, so ensuring a good rhythm throughout the day is much easier than trying to stick to a routine.

Here are my 8 steps to thriving in quarantine.

1.     BREATHING – Settle agitated feelings with simple breathing techniques.  Breathe deeply and slowly in through the nose. Gently lift your shoulders towards your ears.  Exhale and let out an audible sigh while dropping your shoulders.

2.     KINDNESS – Be gentle and kind to yourself and acknowledge how you are feeling.  It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to shift anxiety and to allow waves of emotions to move through you. 

3.     NATURE – Make time to enjoy nature and the quiet moments.  Tune into nature and listen to the birds.Look up at the sky and notice the beauty. Get your hands into earth and enjoy your garden.

4.    MORNING ROUTINE – Check in on your morning routine.  Is it working for you? Do you need to change it up to work for you right now?

5.    MEDITATION COURSE– Make your meditation practice your absolute priority.  It’s not only essential to keeping you clear-minded, positive and productive. It’s an opportunity to come out the other side of quarantine a happier person.

6.     PLAYFULNESS – Listen to music, dance, sing and play.  Playfulness is an essential energy for creating positive flow and creativity. 

7.     YOGA & EXERCISE – Engage in family friendly competitions, support your local studio by joining online classes or head outside for fresh air. Remember to ask yourself, where in your daily rhythm will this work best for everyone in your household?

8.     COMMUNITY – Find your tribe and check in. Reach out to your community and find ways to improve your life. Online classes, group chats and virtual catch ups can help you stay connected.  What aspect of yourself or your life do you want to improve on?  Now’s the time. 

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