Motherhood is the ultimate leadership role. That’s why many extraordinary people thank their mothers above all else.  

As women, we know how tough it can be. That’s why we ask ourselves: “Am I really doing my absolute best?  Does it have to be exhausting? Is there another way?” 

I’m here to tell you there is another way.

From early on, as a personal trainer and aerobics teacher, I took great interest in women’s health, self-care, and healthy self-image.  After my first baby at 26, I became passionate about helping women to be proactive about their birth choices. I focus on parenting styles that support the natural development and well-being of both mum and baby. Since then, I have had 5 more children (including 4 home-births) and have worked with over 1000 women in the capacity of a yoga teacher, doula, and birth educator.

My name is Tara Darlington and I am the founder of Empowering Motherhood. Our mission is to empower women like you through all stages of womanhood.

Through this experience, I noticed that women were experiencing an energy drain in their lives. So, I chose to change paths, and qualify as an energy healer. I have witnessed first-hand how powerful this kind of healing can be. It’s an essential tool for helping women to move past trauma, trapped emotions, and pain. After clearing an energy blockage, women often share with me how happy and fulfilled they become. This has a wonderful effect on the whole family.

As women and as mothers we hold a huge responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations.

My goal is to help you thrive, and give your children the absolute best version of you. You will be able to give them the upbringing they deserve – the motherhood you know you’re capable of.