5 Reasons you should Celebrate your Pregnancy with a Blessingway.

We all know what a Baby Shower is, but have we lost our connection with its purpose and role in supporting the profound transition in a woman’s life that pregnancy and birth represent?  We have a tendency to ‘Shower’ with presents and a few hours of attention, but then it often ends, leaving the new mother to fend for herself.

Rites of Passage are important in supporting major transitions in our lives and have, for many, many people been all but abandoned and forgotten.  Having said that, Rites of Passage actually happen to you whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, having a profound effect on you on a deep level.  These experiences of major transition are etched into your very being and live within you forever.  For many women, this is a negative, traumatic, lonely or shameful experience that later requires healing on some level.  However, it can be an empowering and profoundly positive experience with more awareness and purposefulness.

Rites of Passage are an opportunity to bring a deeper connection to yourself, your community and your environment.  Also an opportunity for your family and your community to allow you to step into the next phase and create your life, which may, in fact, be different to your family.

If you are experiencing (or have experienced) Post Natal Depression or Post Traumatic Stress, then a Blessingway can be part of your solution to feeling less isolated, and more supported.

A Blessingway can be a very simple and very positive way to acknowledge a woman’s journey toward the end of pregnancy as she approaches birth and motherhood. It can be healing, empowering and help to create a stronger bond with your self and your community.  Your frienda and family will also create stronger conenction with each other.

A Blessingway is an important time to acknowledge that during late pregnancy, birth and early motherhood you CAN NOT do it on your own, you need to journey inward and therefor delegating and letting go of your usual roles and responsibilities is necessary.

The problem is that asking for help can be seen as a weakness in our ‘Super hero’ society, so many women try to hack it out on their own.  The ancient African proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ now starts to take on a whole lot of meaning.  We need a caring support network.  We need to be able to look after each other and allow others to look after us. We need to embrace this opportunity for self awareness and self discovery.

There are 5 main reasons to hold a Blessingway.

  • Celebrate the woman’s journey and pregnancy up to this point.

  • Celebrate the gifts and value she brings to her family and community.

  • Signify the mother stepping out of her current role, into motherhood and into a space where she is supported and nurtured by those around her  – from this moment until she has fully recovered from the pregnancy and birth.

  • Acknowledge the profound journey and transformation she is about to take through birth and remind he ofr the qualities that will take her through.

  • Declare and set up unconditional support for her and her immediate family so mother and baby can rest and bond.  This helps with a quicker recovery and can help to reduces problems such as breastfeeding, depression etc.

10 Ideas for a Blessingway

  • Choose a close friend and ask them to invite your close friends and family (women only if that’s what you choose) for a get together.

  • Ask everyone to bring a plate so that you are not expected to do anything on the day.  It’s a day for you to step into being nurtured by those close to you.

  • Invite someone to do a henna tattoo on your belly to celebrate you and your pregnancy.

  • Bellycast is also a fun way to celebrate the pregnancy and journey to date.

  • Ask everyone to bring a bead, which can be thread together to make a necklace, sun chime or anything you choose.

  • Invite everyone to sit in a circle and write down or speak from the heart with your qualities that they admire.

  • Guests can create a dinner roster amongst guests for after the baby comes or to fill the freezer

  • Guests can create a roster for helping with siblings, doing laundry and helping in the kitchen or housework.

  • Guests clean up afterwards so mum steps into allowing herself to be nurtured and helped.

  •  Any other creative idea you have that will support the 5 reasons to hold a Blessingway.


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