Simple Yoga to Ease Pelvic and Back Pain or Discomfort in Pregnancy

Is pelvic and back pain causing you more problems that you could have imagined during your pregnancy?  Not being able to continue work as you thought you would, making housework and looking after your children difficult or simply stopping you from enjoying your pregnancy?

Having worked with over 1000 women in my pregnancy yoga classes over the past 8 or 9 years, I have come to see there are some very common factors that contribute to pelvic and back pain for many women and that it can most often be rectified quite simply.  In this article, I simply want to share this information with you so that not only can you enjoy a pain-free pregnancy but also learn how these same aspects can improve your chances of an easier labour and a quicker recovery after birth.

There are a few common contributing factors to back and pelvic pain and discomfort in pregnancy.  They are:

  1.  Posture
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Pelvic Alignment

These factors don’t just cause physical discomfort and pain, they can also affect your daily lifestyle and the outcome of your labour and birth.  Here are some things your should consider to help improve your posture, adjust your lifestyle and correct pelvic alignment.  In my prenatal classes, we work with all of these aspects and most women find their situation improves rapidly.

  1. Check that you are not locking into the back of your knees and leaning into your lower back.  When you soften (or slightly bend) your knees you will bring more weight into your thighs so that your things and butt are doing their fair share of the work in supporting your posture and your pregnancy.
  2. Bring your shoulders forward over your feet (you can get someone to check you from the side).  Many women are leaning back a lot further than they realise (you may feel you are leaning forward at first).
  3. As you become more pregnant you will get more relaxins (which you need plenty of to open your pelvis to accommodate and birth the baby) your ligaments become softer and you will find that standing too much or sitting in the one position too much starts to give you back or pelvic pain.  Try moving around more during the day, going for short walks and sitting on a fit ball.  As your body produces more relaxins, postural problems can be amplified.
  4. Check that you are getting some rest during the day.  Get off your feet, put your feet up and have little bits of rest throughout the day.  (Many women find they need to stop working earlier than they had expected and planned to.)
  5. Find a specialised Prenatal Yoga teacher, Osteopath or Chiropractor (that specialises in pregnancy)   to help unlock your pelvis or lower back and bring alignment.  This can often be the cause of pain and discomfort that women experience.

All of these things will not only help your posture and relieve back pain, they will also improve your outlook for your birth.  Here’s how:

  1.  Improved posture and strength will help the baby come into the optimal position for labour (anterior position with baby’s spine towards the front), reducing your chance of a mal-presentation at birth (posterior with baby’s spine against your spine) for an easier and safer labour for you and the baby.
  2. Balanced Lifestyle will help you to slow down, reduce stress hormones and encourage your body to release higher levels of the hormones which are needed for labour.  This will also help you to prepare mentally and emotionally for labour and the new baby.
  3. Pelvic Alignment is important as it needs to be free and mobile in order to accommodate the baby for birth.  This allows the baby to come into the optimal position for labour, turn in labour and navigate the pelvis for the most straightforward birth possible.

I offer personal Postrual Assement and a personalised at home yoga practice to help you.  In the meantime,   try this simple at-home yoga practice that will help with any issues you may be having.

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