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Manifest a Magnificent 2018 for you and your family!

5 steps to magnify the energy of your intentions for 2018.

1. Guided Mediation to be clear on your deep needs and listen to your inner guides through mediation and inner inquiry.

2. Use the power of the New Moon on 17th January to magnify your Manifesting Power.

3. Harness the amplification of a group session

4. Participate in Satsang (a guided conversation) for new ideas and perspective.

5. Sign up to our Group Clarity Session for all of the above 💖🙏🏼💖🙏🏼💖🙏🏼💕 (Sign up below )

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Amplify your intentions for 2018 by harnessing the energy of the new moon, energy of our community and your personal power.

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[Free Group Clarity Session]

Did 2017 go as you hoped it would?  Do you need CLARITY for the year ahead?  How did you adjust to all the transitions that happened?

When you fight life transitions, it's exhausting.  When you brush over transitions, you neglect to listen to your inner guidance.  When you pretend a transition isn't going 'to change your life', you miss out on the deep learnings about life and yourself.

What's different about this Clarity Session? How will this Clarity Session change your life?

You need to nourish all of your self...  NOT by tying to find 'me time', NOT by working harder, NOT by juggling a million balls in the air and NOT by sacrificing one part of yourself for another.  So how do we do this?

1.  #WHOLE We will include ALL areas of your life, including motherhood and your deep personal needs for fullfilment in your vision.  Motherhood is so often left off the table and many professionals are getting it wrong.  Their good intentions, inadvertently putting women into more overwhelm, with a longer 'to-do' list, and not really understanding how to help women connect with their true nature, their true needs as a WHOLE WOMAN.

How do we support this?

2.  #COMMUNITY We will connect into the tribal, collective energy of community by showing up as a group.  The more women the stronger the energy.  So invite friends and family to join us.  Like, comment and share on your social media.   This will magnify your feelings of being supported, belonging and value.  This energy is fundamental to our foundational need to feel a sense of belonging and contribution.  You will be contributing to others just by being there, as they will to you.  This energy is vital for our happiness in motherhood.  Feeling like you doing it alone is depressing, exhausting and depleting.  So show up for others and for yourself.

How do you keep the momentum without exhausting yourself?

3.  #CONNECT The New Moon is a particularly strong time for women together together, connect to a higher purpose and your deeper self.  We are affected by the cycle of the moon just as we are day/night, summer/winter.  But this has become a lost connection that needs to be re-connected with.  It's one of the missing links leading so many women to anxiety, depletion and depression.  Women traditionally gathered with the dark moon.  A very intuitive time - again magnified by the collective energy.

A Group Clarity Session to Create Your Vision, Connect with your deep WHY and harness the wisdom and energy of a group, a Collective energy, your tribe!

Setting goals doesn't work without your deep WHY.  Set your intentions on the first New Moon on 2018 and magnify the clarity and results.  Join us to magnify every woman's vision, and Manifest a Magnificent 2018!


How can the Whole Woman Movement change your life?


I just got back from my weekly gymnastics class and we did trampolining for the first time in a few months. I wear disposable incontinence pants for gymnastics just in case we do trampolining, because I leak an insufferable amount and it's embarrassing if I don't. I also run off to the toilet within the first few minutes because even though I've got that protection, I can still feel it leaking so try to reduce it as much as possible.

Today, for the first time in YEARS I did not need to run off to the toilet. I was wearing the pants, but I didn't need them. It was a significant improvement. I thoroughly enjoyed my class tonight.



I recently completed the 4 wk Sensational Pelvic Floor Recoverry Program with Tara. I didn't really know what to expect, I just knew that I felt overwhelmed in life and that I hadn't been paying attention to myself or my lady bits!  I rated my pelvic floor a 3/10.  During the course Tara supported me and helped me to gain clarity and connections.  Her workshops were fun and relaxing.  I now have a different mindset about my posture and my pelvic floor, and how my busy-ness and anxiety were all inter-related.  I now rate my pelvic floor an 8/10 - and the benefits de-cluttering my life so that I could prioritise my own wellbeing - for me and my family - were countless!


Must say I have now got an amazing energy and vibe to get up and be 'happy' now.



Thanks Tara ... I'm feeling stronger and big improvement in lbl 🙂

(light bladder leakage)


Posture is the key to all the rest , as soon as I tuck that pelvis in I feel better and I can do it all day without having to stop working.


I loved my Energy Healing with you Tara.  It provided me with a safe space to navigate through many layers of my psyche and bring my attention to things that needed to be shifted which you did so beautifully for me.  I left feeling a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was out of my "fog".  I liked how you explain what each chakra was holding for me.

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