Join us for our weekly Yoga Nidra practice.  It’s the perfect way to calm the nervous system and set a powerful intention for yourself.

Long week-end Yoga Nidra Monday 8th June 8pm.

Yoga Nidra is a form of deep rest which allows the body to unwind and the mind to enter a state of gentle consciousness. It is a profound rest that allows you to come into the powerful place of observation.  It helps you let go of self-judgement, criticism and expectations, so you can just simply be the best, most genius YOU.

This live yoga practice is led by Tara and takes place every Saturday evening at 8.00pm.

Yoga Nidra means yoga sleep.  It is a deep rest that allows you to come into the powerful place of observation.  It helps let go of self-judgement, criticism and expectations so you can JUST SIMPLY BE YOU - your best, most genius you, at that!

I will be hosting a live Yoga Nidra every Saturday evening at 8.00pm until the end of May, 2020.


Whos' in?

It's FREE to join.

Calming the nervous system is the NUMBER ONE STEP to allow chaotic, fearful, confused energy to settle.  From here, you can access your innate power.

I know people are feeling a rollercoaster of uncertainty, fear and frustration while many of you are also tuning in to Mother Earth's sigh of relief as she gets a well overdue break from human activity.

How to we reconcile this within ourselves?

We start by calming the nervous system.

Delivered live.

Recordings will be available for a limited time.

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Here's what some of our clients have to say.

Letting go of feeling like I have to put everyone else's needs before my own has been liberating.

Johanna, Bondi Beach

I realise I need to make decisions that make me happy, too.

Bec, Castle Hill

Self-care Self-love challenge has reminded me that if I'm happy the rest of the family is happier, too"

Sarah, Central Coast

I have been reminded that being creative is my absolute priority.

Carolyn, Melbourne