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How to get your Zen on, and keep it on!

It’s nice to get your Zen on every now and again – but how the hell do you keep it on?

You’ve no-doubt experienced glimpses of your Zen-state.  Those moments when you feel blissful and at ease in the sun or enjoying an ocean view or simply barefoot in the grass.  We need these experiences to help us unwind and reconnect with ourselves.

What if you could make this bliss your natural state?

Personally, I’m the more anxious type. I’ve had to consciously work at not letting anxiety be my ‘normal’ state. I had to learn to let go, surrender and be more compassionate with myself.  It’s taken a combination of practices and lifestyle changes to make my  Zen-state a reality.  With 6 kids, a business and a husband that works in the film industry (long and unpredictable hours). I know what it’s like for things to get overwhelming or feel out-of-control-busy. I can assure you there is another reality. One that you can live in while remaining productive. While creating an amazing life and a mostly Zen reality for you and your family.

This doesn’t mean that I never get stressed, frazzled or overwhelmed.  It means that I am mostly in my Zen place and that I have learned how to return to calm and happiness. It means I recognise the early signs of my change of state, instead of the late ones.  It means I see anxiousness or feeling uncentered as a sign that I need to check in with something, rather than judging it good or bad or not even noticing until I’m in a peak state of anxiety. These peak states reveal themselves as panic attacks, Bell’s Palsy, inability to sleep and complete loss of appetite.

Remember you’ve probably spent a few years getting into this state, so be kind and patient with yourself as you work your way out of it and into your mostly-Zen place.  This process is about creating new habits and recognising the habits that you need to let go. Then replace them with habits that feed your mostly-Zen state.

Start with these simple steps. 

  1. Take the time to unwind your thoughts, emotions and body!
  2. Look at ways to untangle and simplify your life.  By getting back to the basics this will allow you to have space and make changes
  3. Most importantly you need to create a new vision and establish new habits that support your vision!

An try to incorporate a few of these gentle Here’s four ways to get started:

  1. Use Yin Yoga to gently unwind your body and mind. This will allow you to let go of emotions and bring a sense of calm and self-nurturing to your whole being
  2. Yoga Nidra is a healing and effective guided relaxation. Nidra is a non-confrontational way to begin a gentle healing process and is particularly powerful with trauma (PTSD).
  3. Active meditation is great to use as a way to help observe your self-critic with compassion.  This form of meditation takes the form of a slow quiet walk, gardening, guided visualisation or handwork (hand sewing, knitting, weaving). If you feel emotional – simply stop, take a deep breath in and a slow breath out.
  4. An Energy Healing is a perfect way to clear stuck emotions, trauma and what I like to call ‘space junk’!  Women report feeling lighter, clearer and ‘more themselves’ again.

Put these steps into practice and reach out to me through our Empowering Motherhood Facebook page and let me know the results. It’s a great place for insightful community support.

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