5 Habits Zapping your Energy, Quality Time with your Kids and your Love of Life.

I’ve been there and done that! Been so tired that I should have felt burnt out except that adrenalin and coffee had taken over running my system and my life. It’s often some sort of personal crisis that makes us see what we’re doing to ourselves and mine was a health issue with my nervous system. This was a huge motivator to create a lifestyle that looked after me and my family – not just my family.In the age of the Super-mum and the Modern Woman, many women have been neglecting their own health and wellbeing. The good news is that there are simple ways to solve the problem. Often it’s about tweaking your daily, weekly and monthly routines.Many of my clients come to me feeling the same – tired, burnt out, stretched too thin, on empty and feeling a lack of purpose for everyday life. In short, life has turned into a daily grind, at least in some areas which, left unchecked, can manifest in depression and anxiety.So what exactly is zapping everyone’s energy?

  1. Weak pelvic floor Muscles.  This is your foundation in so many ways. If it’s weak, then everything else is just harder. So many women, even really fit women, admit to having weak pelvic floor. But pelvic floor is not just about ‘kegal exercises. In fact, with the women I work with in my programs, this is affecting their pelvic floor the least. It’s about your foundation in everyway. Your posture, your community/family support and your self-care habits and routines. How can you improve in each of these areas? Once you have improvements in these areas, you will find pelvic floor strengthening (Mulla Bunda in yoga) much more effective.
  1. Busy-being-busy.  Today I was asked at my local café (which I looove), do you have a busy day? I responded with, “I have a lot to do, but I don’t do busy.” Being busy-being-busy is exhausting and depleting. Being productive, however, is energising and fulfilling. So change your mind-set, change the words that you use and change the way you are ‘being’. Get rid of busy-being-busy and start being productive. Notice how this changes your perspective, intentions and choices. With 6 kids and a business, active in our school P&F and much more – I don’t do busy, so you can not do busy, too!
  1. Not being able to sit still!  If you’re on the go all of the time (I’m talking 24/7) then you’re not getting any down time and to be quite frank, probably find it extremely difficult to sit still. I hear it from my new clients all the time – and let me tell you, this used to be me in a big way. As women, we need to balance ‘Being’ with ‘Doing’. We need to practice doing ‘nothing’.   We need a daily Morning Meditation practice. Active meditation is a good way to start – gardening, craft, gentle walks, reading a novel, bush walks. You need to practice slowing down and doing nothing. This rejuvenates your body and your mind.
  1. Not honouring your body.  We’ve been marketed to that we shouldn’t let any woman’s business (periods, pregnancy, babies) get I the way of our active life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For thousands of years and from many different traditional cultures women rested with their period, they rested when pregnant and they rested with new baby and young children. We’ve disconnected form our body and it’s natural rhythms in many ways. You need to take time off your feet, out of your thoughts and just chill! – especially at these times when your body is using so much energy elsewhere. Your body needs this rest!
  1. Lack of Clarity.  When’s the last time you actually stopped to create a Vision Board (or similar) for your life – for each and every aspect of your life. This is often a massive eye-opener for my clients coming in to our Thrive Program. When you take the time to look at HOW you want your life to be and WHAT EXPERIENCE you want to be having in all aspects of your life (including motherhood and for yourself), you will start naturally prioritising, naturally filtering and naturally flowing to create this in your life. You may have to make some big decisions, but they won’t be hard, because you will be clear.


Overall, you need to unwind a little, give yourself some time and space to get some perspective, so you can see how you need to rebuild your very foundation. Put all of this together and you will have more energy, more clarity, more time.

Stop the habits that are zapping your energy and replacing them with new habits that will increase your energy levels, give you more quality time with the people you love in your life and get back your love of everyday life.


PS How’s your Pelvic Floor?

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