Birth in the barnyard?

Let’s look at what’s wrong with the cow birthing in the kid’s film “Barnyard”. My kids absolutely love the film ‘Barnyard’.  It’s witty and whimsical and takes the children on a wonderful imaginative adventure.    There’s just one problem, the birth! It’s a perfect example of how we are subconsciously fed incorrect information about birth, which…

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3 Myths that Keep Pregnant Women Feeling Anxious and Fearful about their Birth.

Fear is often talked about in relation to childbirth.  Firstly because many women feel fearful, secondly because fear and the hormones related to fear can act like a safety switch for women by slowing or even stopping labour and thirdly because fear can also create tension and more intense pain in labour.  So generally it…

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5 Ways Prenatal Yoga Prepares you for Birth

I often have phone calls from women asking if it’s ok to do yoga when they are pregnant and when can they start.  My answer is ABSOLUTELY and the sooner you start the better!  There is quite a process a woman goes through in pregnancy as she prepares mentally and emotionally for the birth and…

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