Self-Care Self-Love
Self-Care is about to take on a whole new meaning

The one thing people ask me the most is, 

"How do you do it with 6 kids?"

Let me share my secrets to self-care with you.

If "me-time" is your only self-care, it is not enough.  You need to integrate more than just your basic needs into family life.

My name is Tara Darlington, I'm a yoga teacher, doula, energy healer,  mother of 6 and I'm passionate about helping women thrive in motherhood.

People always ask me "how do you do it with 6 kids?" so I created this free 5-day challenge to share with you what I do.  I'll also share how you can implement your new self-care routine into your life without dropping the ball on everything else.

With this challenge you'll be ready to love yourself more, love your life and share more with your friends & family.

With easy to follow lessons and the support of the Empowering Motherhood FB community, this challenge will leave you feeling more elated, energised and connected with your life in just 5 days. 

Join the Self-Care Self-Love Challenge today.

You'll receive 5 easy to follow lessons and the support of the Empowering Motherhood FB community.

This challenge is for you if you are experiencing any of the following;

*Self-care feels like a chore

*Feeling stuck and/or frustrated about life

*Are tired of being tired

*Know in your heart you need something more 

*You're looking to create a joyful life full of connections

*You want your kids to get the best version of you.  Not the depleted, impatient one!!

All lessons are delivered in easy to digest videos that you can watch at any time that suits you. 

After you sign up for the challenge, you'll get an email with an invitation link to join the FB Group, . After that you will receive a lesson daily for 5 days.

That's it. Complete it in your own time.

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Here's what some of our clients have to say.

Letting go of feeling like I have to put everyone else's needs before my own has been liberating.

Johanna, Bondi Beach

I realise I need to make decisions that make me happy, too.

Bec, Castle Hill

Self-care Self-love challenge has reminded me that if I'm happy the rest of the family is happier, too"

Sarah, Central Coast

I have been reminded that being creative is my absolute priority.

Carolyn, Melbourne