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Thrive Foundation

"I feel like not only discovered the missing piece of the puzzle, but also the missing part of me." Jackie

Thrive Foundation

       The Thrive Foundation program has been developed over 20 years of working with women through their fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys.  But it's about more than surviving these life events, it's turning profound life events into an opportunity for healing, growth and living a life that you love. It's about immersing deeper into the self so that you can tap into the collective wisdom of the deep feminine , enabling your family to thrive on all levels and all layers. It's about becoming the cinnamon in the moroccan curry.

This is for you if:

  • You want to avoid the pittfalls that most women seem to be experiencing in motherhood.

  • Instinctively know there must be a better way to do life and this thing called motherhood!

  • You are exhausted, depleted, feeling completely over stretched and under resourced,

  • You feel unsupported, isolated or alone,

  • Overwhelm has made you feel disorientated and lost your confidence in making decisions,

  • Your sleep is restless due to overthinking and anxiety,

  • You have Post Natal Depression (PND), Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) or Birth Trauma and

  • You have pelvic floor issues  and want a gentle, lifestyle-based way to improved deep core suppleness

  • Lunar cycles, women's mysticism, intuitive healing, personal growth, yoga, meditation and/or magic spark your interest


You will discover:

  • The power of working with the lunar cycles

  • Simple healing practices that allow heavy and negative energies and relationships to effortlessly shift and transform

  • How to reconnect with your purpose, passion and innate positivity

  • Techniques that shift your perspective and allow creative solutions to everyday problems, and most importantly,

  • How to create a magical life for you and your family.

"...I feel like I've been revived.  I have my energy, my love of life and most importantly, my love of me back." Tamara

"Learning how to set intentions that meet everyone's needs, including my own, has been a game changer."
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"There is an opportunity for women to experience the exhilarating energy of creation and the magic of the deep feminine, not only in birth, but in your daily life.

I will be your guiding light offering you strength, kindness and confidence, helping you to navigate daily stressors and tap into your creative, intelligent, beautiful self.

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Includes yoga for: 
  • posture realignment
  • pelvic floor activation
  • deep core strengthening
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