Virtual Winter Retreat
A self-nurturing week-end to re-align with the moon.
Create your week-end
Chose from the activities below to create a nurturing dark moon experience.
There are a number of activities that all lead to one place.  Inner restoration.

All activities are family friendly.  Choose to experience on your own or with family members.
Livestream Class
Join us live or access the recording.
Friday June 19, 8pm Yoga Nidra
Saturday June 20, 8am Gentle Yoga
Sunday June 21,  8am Gentle Yoga
Relaxation & Meditation
Create space for new intentions with 3 pre-recorded interactive active meditations to choose from.
Do one or indulge in them all,
Healing Craft
Weave your intentions for the coming season into your Goddess Eye.  You will be guided through  gentle yet powerful healing process. 
Drumming Experience
Use a drum if you have one or your kitchen table if not to let your hair down, have some fun and reinvigorate your body and soul.  Welcome yourself home through rhythm.
Gift Box and Instructions
Receive a gift box with all you need to enjoy your self-care week-end. Supplies for meditations, craft and relaxation.
(Australia only)
Soulara plant based meals
$40 gift certificate for Soulara chef-crafted, ready-made meals delivered to your doorstep, if you choose.
(Sydney, Melbourne, NSW Central Coast, Brisbane))

Balance the Doing with Being, Yang with Yin,  Giving with Receiving.

The dark moon is a special time in the month and an auspicious phase of the moon cycle  for women to rest into the yin, the being and the receiving energies.  The activities and schedule of Deep Winter Retreat and the Virtual Retreat all lead to one thing.  Self restoration.  Here you will find greater peace, ease, intuition, creativity and flow.    We hope to see you there.

I live in Australia.

I live outside of Australia

Wait!  We have a few places left at the Deep Winter Retreat (live event).

4.30pm Friday June 19 - 12 noon Sunday June 21, 2020

Swamis Retreat Kenthurst

About Tara

Tara Darlington is a Yoga Teacher, Doula, , Energy Healer, Mentor and mother of 6. 

Our mission is to help you reach your awe-inspiring best in every stage of womanhood. Together, let’s empower women around the world to be the mothers and community leaders they were born to be.