Our classes offer more than yoga. Tara has worked with over 1000 women supporting them through their profound life transitions.

Tara is passionate, down to earth and an inspiration in helping women through all stages of life.

Melissa O
  • Unlimited access to classes.
  • Live classes : Prenatal, Mums & Bubs, Women’s Moon, Yin Yoga for Anxiety 
  • All classes recorded for access at any time in our private Facebook group.
  • $66 Per Month For Unlimited Access.

I appreciate Tara’s expertise and guidance when I approach her with any and all questions about my wellbeing. (And my baby’s.) But most of all attending Tara’s classes has given me the confidence to be a mum. A calm, present and unapologetic mum!

Michelle D

Class Descriptions

Prenatal. Tuesdays 9.30am

Specialised and gentle classes that are designed to accommodate all stages of pregnancy. We welcome all levels of previous yoga experience; including beginners.

Mums & Bubs. Wednesdays 9.30am

This is a post-birth recovery yoga class that is designed with your baby in mind. So have your bub by your side or in your arms. And prepare to reconnect with your body, your needs, your strength and grace. After the class, stay for a little while. Make yourself a tea and chat with Tara and the group. This is an opportunity to chat all things Motherhood in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This after yoga chat is an informative session that will support you to work out what is best for you and your baby.

Women’s Moon Yoga. Mondays 8.00pm

We designed this class to work with your body’s natural cycle, instead of against them. This practice will improve your strength and energy levels, foster a calm and clear emotional and mental state. With regular practice, you will bring balance to your life.  Perfect for general health and wellbeing including pre-pregnancy,

Yin Yoga for Anxiety. Wednesdays 8.00pm

A restorative practice to help you unwind, slow down, untangle and get back to feeling like yourself.  This class is a Vinyasa flow to help soothe the nervous system and includes specific yoga practices that are well documented to help with anxiety and depression

Finding Tara’s yoga class has been such an amazing tool in my postpartum recovery! My incredibly sore hips have been soooo much better week by week. She is so adept at giving small tips or adjustment to a pose to ensure that the technique is correct for supporting your body. Perhaps best of all, her wonderful classes are about real women… there is no pretension! You can come to class tired, in daggy clothes and know that no one is judging you. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and usually having had a good chat and giggle with other mums. I can’t recommend Tara highly enough.

Eliza S

Tara Darlington is a Yoga Teacher, Doula, Birth Educator and Energy Healer who helps women to thrive in motherhood. With 6 children of her own and having worked with over 1000 women in the Sydney Hills District the past 15 years, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.


Contact Tara and she’ll answer your questions,, or join our Empowering Motherhood Facebook community.