Prenatal Yoga

 Gentle Yoga To Calm And Connect in Pregnancy

Small, personalised yoga classes designed to support you in pregnancy and prepare you for birth.  Our prenatal classes focus on fostering your connection with your baby, your body and yourself.

Online class live Tuesdays @ 9.30am. Unlimited access to live and recorded classes. – $66 per month.

Classes are designed by Tara Darlington, an experienced and respected prenatal yoga teacher who has worked with over 1000 women. She is also a birth educator, doula, energy healer and mother of 6!

I was so happy to join you with my first pregnancy the calmness and peace your classes gave me was a feeing let the world be outside and let me enjoy the moment of my life now.


Finding out you are pregnant is exciting, but can quickly feel overwhelming and even scary. We’re here to help along your whole journey – through pregnancy, the birth, and your transition into motherhood.

(If you’re looking for pre-pregnancy yoga classes, with have classes for you, too.  I recommend the Women’s Moon Yoga to help with your cycles and Yin yoga for Anxiety to help reduce stress and calm the nervous system.  Learn more.)

Many exercise programs can cause more harm than good. But, all of our yoga classes specialise in protecting your pelvic floor. Every class has been created by Tara and uses her huge wealth of experience to help you feel relaxed, energised and calm.

The gentle yoga is adapted to each stage of pregnancy, and suitable for all experience levels, including beginners. Beyond simply ‘exercise’ and ‘stretching’, we will help you prepare your mind and body for birth and motherhood.

You’ll feel healthier, more connected, and more confident than ever before – ready to give your absolute best.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  •       Make a deep connection with your baby before birth
  •       Learn breathing techniques to steady you in labour
  •       Make relaxation easier throughout pregnancy
  •       Relieve aches and pains by realigning posture
  •       Strengthen pelvic floor
  •       Increase energy levels and improve sleep quality
  •       Reduce anxiety and allow you to enjoy the journey
  •       Share experiences with other women from the Baulkham Hills area
  •       Calm and heal emotions, including from previous birth trauma


“I really enjoyed the class last night – I think I slept the best I have in weeks!!” 

Jodie R

Covid-19 – Prices and Class Times

Prenatal yoga live Tuesdays @9.30am.

Classes are recorded for access at anytime in our private Facebook Group.

Cost: $66 per month for unlimited access to live and recorded classes. Cancel at anytime.

I’ll never forget the first time I spoke to you! I’d made online enquiries about yoga, you gave me a call we were chatting about my story so far and what I wanted from this pregnancy.

When I told you I’d had an emergency section for Patrick, I (of course) started to explain why. You cut me off, told me that I don’t have to explain or justify anything and it didn’t make my birth any less or more than any other!

I think I loved you from that minute!

What to wear & what to bring

Wear comfortable clothing.  It’s best to wear layers so that you are warm enough during breathing and relaxation exercises.

You need a non-slip yoga mat.

MORE QUESTIONS? Contact Tara on 0405 456 617.

“Just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to come along to the pre natal yoga class on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it . I came out feeling very blessed and relaxed.”

Natalie p