“Small and personalised pregnancy yoga classes.  Supporting you in pregnancy, preparing your for birth and embracing connection with baby and other women in the Hills District area."

Classes run by Tara Darlington,  one of Sydney's most experienced and respected prenatal yoga teachers.  Not just a prenatal yoga teacher, Tara is a Birth Educator, Doula, Energy healer and mother of6!  She has worked with over 1000 women in the Hills District.

Finding out you are pregnant can be exciting, overwhelming, scary, thought provoking and a myriad of other emotional reactions. No matter, how you are feeling and what your circumstances are, we are here to help you along your journey through the trimesters of pregnancy, the birth and your transition into motherhood.

Our classes are designed to give you what you need during pregnancy as well as prepare you and your baby for the best possible start together.

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We offer specialised, gentle yoga classes designed to accommodate all stages of Pregnancy and all levels of previous yoga experience; including beginners.

More than 'exercise' and 'stretching', these classes will help prepare your mind and body for birth and motherhood feeling healthier, more confident, centered and connected than ever before.

Tara is a Birth Educator, Doula and Specialised Yoga Teacher.  She will share her extensive knowledge and experience with you that she has gained from working with over 1000 women and having 6 children of her own.

Tara specialises in protecting your pelvic floor, unlike many exercise programs which cause more damage than good.  She will help you prepare for birth and motherhood.  Tara educates, mentors and helps you to create an everyday lifestyle to achieve your dreams and goals in motherhood.

Our aim is to help give you and your baby the absolute best start together.

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Prenatal Yoga Class Times

Tuesdays 7.15pm with Tara

Sundays 9.00am with Nadine


$110 for 5 class pass (valid 6 weeks)

$200 for 10 class pass (valid 12 weeks)

$360 for 20 class pass (valid 22 weeks)

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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga
You will find the classes beneficial to you and the baby during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period.

  •    Learn breathing techniques for labour and birth

  •    Practice relaxation for pregnancy and birth

  •    Enjoy time to connect to the baby and your personal needs

  •    Strengthen and realign pelvis & posture

  • Improve pelvic floor alignment and strength
  •    Increase energy levels

  •    Meet other women from Baulkham Hills area

Prenatal Yoga can help with specific needs

  •     Relieve pelvis and back discomfort

  •     Improve sleep

  •     Reduce anxiety (especially anxiety around your pregnancy, birth and new baby)

  •     Calm and heal emotions, including from previous birth trauma

  •     Improve general well-being

  •     Decrease some risk factors related to your pregnancy and birth which can help with a safer and easier birth.

Pregnancy Satsang

Every Second Sunday @ 10am (You can use your yoga pass for this class)

What is Pregnancy Satsang?  It's a conversation (with a cup of tea!).  A one hour session where you can come together with local women and ask any questions pregnancy, birth and motherhood related.

Tara is a Birth Educator, Doula, Parenting Educator, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer and Mother of 6.  Her mission is to empower 10 million women to give their children the absolute best start to life and to THRIVE in MOTHERHOOD!

What our clients say
“Just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to come along to the pre natal yoga class on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it . I came out feeling very blessed and relaxed.” - Natalie

“I’ve been really enjoying the classes… having never done yoga before, they make a huge difference in my life / pregnancy”  – Suzie

“I really enjoyed the class last night – I think I slept the best I have in weeks!!”  – Jodie

"I initially attended Tara's prenatal yoga class which I LOVED. Hubby and I then attended the Active birth workshop which prepared us for our little one's arrival and gave us a fresh perspective about the labour journey ahead.
I now attend Mums and Bubs yoga. Each week I leave the class feeling reenergised and looking forward to our next one. Tara creates a safe, supportive group for like-minded mums (and beautiful bubs!) where we listen to our bodies, our babies and each other, and where breastfeeding is encouraged!
I appreciate Tara's expertise and guidance when I approach her with any and all questions about my bub's wellbeing. But most of all attending Tara's classes have given me the confidence to be a mum. A calm, present and unapologetic mum!"

What to wear & what to bring
Wear comfortable clothing.  It's best to wear layers so that you are warm enough during breathing and relaxation exercises.

Yoga is practised in bare feet so it is nice to bring your own mat.  Mats are available in a variety of colours for $25 each.


Regular classes are held in North West Sydney

Kinder Cafe

3 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill


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