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Thrive Wellbeing Lunar Calendar

Guiding you through the ebb and flow of life

The Thrive Lunar Calendar is one of the most powerful self-care tools available for women. It will guide you through the lunar cycles, prompting you to rest, to set intentions, to practice gratitude, and to start the winding down at the most auspicious times of the month. 

Full Moon

Our Story

15 years ago I began to run my yoga classes in sync with the lunar cycle. Women noticed huge changes in their energy levels, and in their connectedness with themselves, their intuition, and their family. Things just flowed better. They experienced more synchronicity and serendipity. Manifesting came more easily, stress dissipated, joy re-emerged.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle you have been searching for.

Access the Thrive Wellbeing Lunar Calendar now

Just like are circadian rhythm and seasonal rhythm affects your health and wellbeing, so too, does the lunar rhythm - especially for women. 

Our Thrive Lunar Calendar doesn't just help you keep track of the moon cycles and plan around them, it supports your energy levels and guides your focus to be the most productive and happy you can be.  

Read to step into the magic?  

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