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In The Next 4 Minutes You're About To Discover...

How I Helped 1500+ Women Change Their Lives and, Regain Their Inner Strength

(Without Feeling Overwhelmed, Isolated, or Sacrificing Self-Care)

Escape Overwhelm and Exhaustion

Overcoming exhaustion and living a life worth living is a skill

I will teach you how to master it!

  • Step away from exhaustion and depletion

  • Transform life events into healing and growth opportunities

  • Improve your pelvic floor health

  • Tap into your creative intelligence and leadership skills

  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of the deep feminine

  • Ensure your family thrives on all levels

  • Experience a paradigm shift for women, motherhood, family, and community

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No One Understands You More Than Tara

Helping women thrive for over 2 decades 

  • ​Mother of 6 children

  • Psychology graduate

  • Grief Informed

  • Trauma Informed

  • Yoga Specialist

  • Spiritual Healer

Yoga Child's Pose

Real Stories of Transformations

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Linda, Master Landscape Gardener, Mother of 2 earth babies and one angel 

..I feel like I've been revived.  I have my energy, my love of life and most importantly, my love of me back."

Why Choose The Thrive Program

Personal Empathy and Understanding:

Tara, a mother of six who has navigated significant personal loss, understands the challenges women face on their journeys through motherhood and life.

Tailored Support:

The program is specialised for women's health and well-being, addressing issues such as pelvic floor health, UTIs, energy levels, and confidence through personalised guidance and practices.

Emphasis on Self-Care and Mental Well-being:

It focuses on helping women overcome feelings of isolation, overwhelm, and burnout, promoting mental well-being through self-care practices and community support.

Transformational Results:

Participants experience profound shifts in their lives, from improved physical health to a deeper connection with their creative intelligence and personal leadership skills.

Community and Support Network:

Engage with a supportive community and benefit from collective wisdom, mentoring, and the shared journey of like-minded women.

Paradigm Shift in Motherhood:

The program encourages a paradigm shift in how women approach motherhood, fostering joy, purpose, and connection while alleviating the pressures of societal expectations.

Wellbeing is a way of life. Move out of depletion, exhaustion, and the "busy-being-busy" mentality. Find more energy, joy and flow in your everyday life.

Yoga & Meditation

Unwind, untangle, settle the mind, and bring peace and union to mind, body, and soul through restorative yoga practices, specialised for women's health and wellbeing.

Realign and strengthen your core and posture through breathing, yoga, and increased body-mind-breath awareness.

Cycles & Seasons

Sleep better, cultivate energy, and recalibrate.

Tuning in to the lunar and seasonal cycles is probably one of the most powerful self-care practices women can engage in.

Learn to ebb and flow with the cycles and seasons of nature and life. Gracefully flow between inward self-nurturing and outward productive engagement. Your cup will be full with energy, joy, purpose, and connection.

Leaves of Maple Tree
Yoga Retreat

Community & Coaching

You were never supposed to do this thing called life on your own. Tap into the collective wisdom and let it be the wind beneath your wings.

Being "independent" can be lonely and exhausting. Mentoring and community are missing in our lives today, and the loneliness epidemic is affecting many.

You no longer have to do this alone...

It takes a village...

Who Is This For?

Do you feel there must be a better way to do this thing called motherhood and life?

You're not alone, there is another way and I'm here to show you how.

Do you feel unsupported, isolated or alone?

Feeling isolated, breastfeeding problems and too much conflicting advice are known contributors to Post Natal Depression.

Are you experiencing UTI, pelvic floor issues, prolapse, lack of confidence or lack of energy?

Your pelvic floor is in the base chakra, so its related to your sense of safety, security, value and contribution.

Do you feel overwhelmed, disorientated or confused?

When you lose the sense of self, you also lose your celestial compass.

Are you experiencing grief, loss, birth trauma, PTSD, PND or anxiety?

Our society sweeps grief and trauma under the carpet. This makes it unfamiliar and we quite simply don't know what to do.

Are you ready to connect to something deeper and more meaningful?

Many women feel underwhelmed by the transition into motherhood.

Are you exhausted, depleted, overstretched and under resourced?

Time to stop trying to be everything toe everyone and stretching yourself too thin.

Have you got so many balls in the air, self-care or me-time feels like another job on the endless to-do list?

If self-care is another thing on your to-so list, you'll always be chasing something elusive.

Are you heading towards burn out from the mental load of motherhood?

Burnout is an endemic problem in parents, and in motherhood it's often rooted in depletion.

Are you ready for a new way of being and doing?

Motherhood is a leadership role.  Are you ready to step into a new paradigm where your focus is on what lifts you up, lights you up and loves you up?

If you answer yes to even one of these questions, make a time to learn more.

Schedule a time for us to discuss the next steps towards creating a life you love.

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