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Birth Doula - Yoga, healing, and self determination.

"Tara's knowledge, strength, and experience - both personal and professional - gave my husband and me the confidence to speak up and stay in control of what was most important to us. I could not be happier." Ana


Birth Doula

Tara has been a doula for over 20 years. With 6 children of her own, she has personal experience of hospital, cesarean, and home births. She works with women who desire a strong advocate and motherly guidance.

From first-time mums to women needing to feel safe and supported with their trauma, grief, or loss - including birth trauma, post natal depression, anxiety, or loss of a loved one, Tara has the temperament, skills, and experience to be by your side and be your person who will protect, inform without judgement, and help you find the pathway that feels safest for you.

Tara is a specialised yoga teacher, intuitive counsellor, mentor, psychology (honours) graduate, and passionate about helping women thrive in motherhood. She brings together a gamut of resources, tools, and techniques so that you can choose what is best for you.

Tara works in Sydney's North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Hills District, and lower Northern Beaches. Online support also available.

"Tara is profoundly down to earth and practical, yet intuitive with endless patience. She has an innate ability to make the complicated simple, and the overwhelming manageable again." Sarah

What Tara's Clients Say

Just when you think you can't - you can!

"After learning more, this mama became more confident in herself and her body, and so decided to give a medical-free birth a go. I brought the motherly energy, she brought the smile and a sense of adventure. In no time at all, she went from asking for an epidural to birthing without one - and with newborn in arms, a celebratory pizza was ordered in.

What's involved?

The definition of wisdom is "knowledge, experience, and good judgement".  Tara combines these to ensure you feel guided with well-rounded information. Her wish for you is that you feel informed, secure, and supported with all the decisions that you make.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation all help to bring peace and union to mind, body and soul. This is where you can feel what your body needs, you can hear your intuition, and you tap into what is safest and easiest for you and your baby.

 Tara offers restorative yoga practices, specialised for women's health and wellbeing during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Support your core, pelvic floor, and posture, improve self-awareness, reduce stress, and prepare for labour, birth, and postpartum period.

Personal practice, videos, and recordings included.



Matresence is the profound change that women go through when becoming a mother. Women experience change on physical, biological, psychological, emotional, social, career, and economic levels. It is a major life-span development phase that, when properly supported, enables magnificent growth and opportunity.

With inadequate or inappropriate support, women can experience stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, depletion, and exhaustion.

Tara will guide you to identify what is most important to you, provide education and resources, and create a plan for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


Parstoral Care

Tara provides social, emotional, and spiritual support that incorporates your beliefs and values without judgement.

Having worked with women from many different cultural, spiritual, and religious backgrounds, Tara is able to draw on the collective wisdom of women's health and wellbeing, to support you the best way possible. Surround your self with your dream-team and you can do anything! Outcomes include greater connection to self, baby, and loved ones, becoming aware of underserving beliefs, heal and learn from past experiences, and creating a vision for you and your family.

It takes a village...

Thé Thrive Collective (1)_edited.jpg

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Doula Services


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Birth Doula Full Package

Continuity of care means knowing and trusting the person looking after you - and them knowing and listening to you. Tara takes time to develop a meaningful and authentic therapeutic relationship and alliance with you and your birth team. Together, we will delve underneath the surface into what is most important to you and the best way for you to achieve your goals.

Tara has immense knowledge and experience in birth preparation, supporting women through trauma and grief, and offers holistic postnatal care (such as pelvic floor, breastfeeding, parenting, adjustment to motherhood, and birth debrief support). She can be your fierce advocate or your gentle guardian angle - with your wishes, wellbeing and voice at the center of all that she does.

Tara offers a 30-minute free doula enquiry video call. In this call you will become clearer on your needs, preferences, and the model of care you would like to engage in. 

$2500 to $3500

Make a time to talk to Tara

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Postpartum Doula and Healing

Engage Tara for one or more sessions prenatally or postpartum.

Post natal periods are unique to each woman. Tara supports women to create a safe and nurturing "fourth trimester", improve breastfeeding outcomes, set you up for safe co-sleeping, protect and improve pelvic floor, and debrief your birth or other experiences.  

She includes gentle and transformative yoga and healing techniques to improve energy levels, posture, and  confidence.  Clear stuck or heavy energy, and connect back to inner peace, joy, and vitality. We do this through the breathe, deep relaxation, intuitive counselling, and the power of the deep feminine. You will feeler clearer, lighter, and more yourself again.

Create a personalised plan for your postnatal period. 

Book a session now

1 x 2-hour session, $225

10 hours, virtual and in-person $1000

15 hours, virtual and in-person $1500

or make a time to discuss your needs here


Thrive Women's Wellbeing Programs

Tara has worked extensively and successfully with women suffering pelvic floor prolapse, birth trauma, grief and loss, as well burnout, maternal depletion, and exhaustion.


The Thrive Collective programs will take you on a journey of recovery, reconnection, and recalibration.  This program includes yoga, healing, and mentoring tailored to your personal needs to support you through profound life changes unique to being a woman and a mother.

Join the Thrive Skool, book a Thrive Healing session, or sign up to Tara's signature Thrive Coaching course.

$49 - $1200


Learn more


or Book an obligation-free consultation with Tara today

Bondi New Mum

"Tara helped me to get the clarity and confidence i needed to create the birth plan that really worked for me - this included changing caregivers. She supported us with information, options, meditation, yoga, debriefing, and supporting our intuition with evidence-based research. The birth was more than I could have hoped for, and I am so glad I met Tara, changed hospitals (which was something I would not have thought to do), and felt in control, empowered, and supported with someone in my corner."

Hills District Working Mum

"In six weeks my prolapse was healed and I had a deeper understanding of the connection between stress, the need to nurture myself, my posture, breathing, and my pelvic floor. The transformation was incredible!"

Dee Why Mother of 2

"Working with Tara after a traumatic birth, I realised needed to work with my grief more than anything else.  Tara helped me to feel more connected with my baby, find a routine that looked after me, my toddler, and my baby, and helped me to get clarity and confidence to have a debrief meeting with the hospital that enabled me to feel resolved, release the trauma, have my loss acknowledged and be ready to enjoy my family."
Thé Thrive Collective (1)_edited.jpg

Talk to Tara

Make a time for an obligation-free call with Tara.

Who is this for?

Honestly, it's for all women.  It's the paradigm shift we've all been waiting for.

But here's a few specifics, anyway.

Do you feel there must be a better way to do this thing called motherhood and life?

You're not alone, there is another way and I'm here to show you how.

Do you feel unsupported, isolated or alone?

Feeling isolated, breastfeeding problems and too much conflicting advice are known contributors to Post Natal Depression.

Are you experiencing UTI, pelvic floor issues, prolapse, lack of confidence or lack of energy?

Your pelvic floor is in the base chakra, so its related to your sense of safety, security, value and contribution.

Do you feel overwhelmed, disorientated or confused?

When you lose the sense of self, you also lose your celestial compass.

Are you experiencing grief, loss, birth trauma, PTSD, PND or anxiety?

Our society sweeps grief and trauma under the carpet. This makes it unfamiliar and we quite simply don't know what to do.

Are you ready to connect to something deeper and more meaningful?

Many women feel underwhelmed by the transition into motherhood.

Are you exhausted, depleted, overstretched and under resourced?

Time to stop trying to be everything toe everyone and stretching yourself too thin.

Have you got so many balls in the air, self-care or me-time feels like another job on the endless to-do list?

If self-care is another thing on your to-so list, you'll always be chasing something elusive.

Are you heading towards burn out from the mental load of motherhood?

Burnout is an endemic problem in parents, and in motherhood it's often rooted in depletion.

Are you ready for a new way of being and doing?

Motherhood is a leadership role.  Are you ready to step into a new paradigm where your focus is on what lifts you up, lights you up and loves you up?

If you answer yes to even one of these questions, make a time to learn more.

Book a time for an obligation-free chat with Tara to see if this is right for you.

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