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Helping women thrive in motherhood.

Welcome.  I'm glad you're here.

I have spent 20 years developing specialised programs for women who are going through profound life changes. 

Let me help you reconnect to what is most important to you, reinvigorate your passion and recalibrate your life.


I have worked with thousands of women and bring together my experience as a Doula, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Women's Empowerment Coach.  I have 6 children of my own and look forward to bringing more light, love, peace and abundance to your life.

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Meet Tara

Certified Doula, Energy Healer and Birth Educator 

Tara Darlington is the founder of Empowering Motherhood. She mentors women through the deeply profound transitions unique to womanhood with a combination of healing, coaching, yoga and community support.

Empowering Motherhood’s mission is to help women reconnect with their innate abilities, and teach them to live fulfilled lives as family and community leaders.

Tara has 6 children and lives in Sydney.


Helping Women Thrive in Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood!

“For me, as a first-time mum, postnatal yoga has been invaluable.

Tara’s approach to the classes gave me knowledge & the confidence to be the best mum I can.”

- Amanda & Finn

"When I woke the next morning, I felt a cloud had lifted and I felt much lighter.
Physically, I felt I could stand straight and my back was strong.
I felt I could see clearly for the first time in months.
I have regained my sense of self and self-confidence."

- Wendy

“ I really enjoyed the class last night - I think I slept the best I have in weeks!!”

- Jodie