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Cheers to no more kegel exercises!

For the past 13 years I have worked with 1000+ women as a Yoga Teacher, Birth Educator and Healer supporting them through pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery. I have six children and have learnt a lot about pelvic floor and kegel exercises. I have had the great opportunity to see what works and what doesn't and to observe the common problems women face with their pelvic floor and deep core recovery after birth.

Knowing what to do is the first step. Exploring how this plays out in your life is the second step. Creating new lifestyle habits that support your pelvic floor is the final step.

I had a client recently who was going to undergo surgery due to pelvic floor weakness and a prolapse uterus. Within a few weeks of working together her recovery was enough that she no longer felt uncomfortable and had seen such significant improvement that she cancelled her surgery.

Why do so many women struggle with Kegel exercises and what are the keys to a healthy pelvic floor?

  1. Kegel exercises are not always enough on their own

  2. Having to do Kegel exercises can create another burden in your life and sometimes the are part of the problem in the first place

  3. Kegel exercises do not address any physical and emotional issues that may be preventing your core from being flexible, elastic and buoyant.

  4. Lastly, who the hell wants to do Kegel exercises!!!

It’s my experience that a weak pelvic floor is a reflection of certain areas of your life being overburdened. It’s very important to identify and address these areas, This may include lifestyle changes and postural adjustments to naturally activate your deep core and pelvic floor. Yes, you can naturally activate your pelvic floor. This means no more kegel exercises!

Kegels are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, a male OB/GYN specialist who began to use this exercise over seventy years ago to cure patients suffering from urinary incontinence

Like many things, our modern lifestyle is partly to blame.

You need to address the following three areas in order to activate your pelvic floor correctly:

  1. In your daily life, create new habits that support true postural alignment and deep core strengthening.

  2. You need to do away with 'being-busy-being-busy' and find a balance between being productive (aka getting shit done) and 'restorative practices'.

  3. You need to reduce burden by allowing support into your life.

My 7 Day Pelvic Floor Activation program holds the secret to set you on your way to a strong pelvic floor and live an active lifestyle in the prime of your life!


Tara x

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