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The problem with "me-time".

One of the highest vibrations is wholeness and oneness. When you separate your needs from your family’s needs, you spend you’ll whole time trying to get some “me-time”. While me-time is important, if it’s your only form of self-care, it will never be enough and you’ll always be running on the deficit of borrowed energy. This means you’re borrowing energy from your future self and headed towards some type of break-down, break-up or break-out!

Instead, if you think of self-care as self-love, you’ll start to include your needs, dreams and desires into that of the family’s. This is a game changer because now you get to flourish and your children get to experience the real you in their life. You then become the cinnamon in the moroccan curry - the warm spice that lifts everyone up and makes something ordinary extraordinary.

Where to start? Start by asking yourself this powerful question: “What is my heart’s deepest desire in this moment?”

Tip: If your answer is what you DON’T want. Ask yourself what is the opposite of this?

Watch my short video "You are the cinnamon" for more insights.

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