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Unlock the secret to your pelvic floor health.

Pelvic floor is in the base chakra. The primary energy is feeling like a valued contributer to your community... amongst other things.

5 life hacks that will activate your pelvic floor.

"Learning how to set intentions that meet everyone's needs, including my own, has been a game changer."
"Tara's Thrive Program is the single best thing I ever did for my wellbeing." Ashley
"In just four weeks, I've been able to go trampolining with my kids." Susan
"An incredible experience that helped me navigate achieve joy, harmony and balance. A wonderful journey of growth, awakening and alignment. " Tamara

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"Working with Tara on her Thrive program was transformative!! I decided to work with Tara at a moment in my life when I felt trapped, as though I had lost my power. Tara helped me to plug back into my instinct and drive, to turn things around: she is incredibly skilled, wise, down to earth, radical and clever. Thank you Tara for sharing your gifts and insights: for working through the guts of life with me, while grounded in spiritual practice."
Dr. Sarah Milne

Ready to join the Thrive Collective?

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