Healing & Private Sessions

Express Healing

Simply email ONE paragraph about what’s going back on in your life at the moment and I will do my magic and email back details of the healing for you with recommended actions steps.   Perfect if you need a quick shift, insight or pick-me-up. 




Private mentoring is a powerful way to gain clarity and to continue to discover tools that can transform your way of life.



Clear out the old, ready for the new.

Tara will work with you to use subtle yoga, breathing, meditation and intuitive healing techniques to identify, release and clear old, stuck energy.


Energy feels heavy and slow and foggy when it is no longer aligned with your needs, goals and dreams.  By shifting this you create space to think, feel and create.


People most often describe feeling "lighter, clearer and more themself" again after an Energetic Spring Clean.



Private Yoga

A private yoga session to help you adjust your practice to your personal needs. In this hour we will check your technique and alignment and you will go home with a personalised practice that works with your personal situation and lifestyle.



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