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Energy Healing

The power to shift your energy and change your life.

I have developed a unique healing healing technique through many years working with over 1000 women and their profound life changes unique to women. 

Everything is energy.

Everything is a vibration.

This may be slow, dense and heavy (low vibration) or vibrant, energised and light (high vibration).

By moving into the higher vibrations (love and above) healing, changing belief patterns, shifting grief and trauma, transforming emotions and stories, all become more and more effortless with practice. 

Clear out the old, ready for the new.

I will work with you to use subtle yoga, breathing, meditation and intuitive healing techniques to identify, release and clear old, stuck energy.

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Book a one-off private session, a 6-week program, join our retreat, or maybe all three!!

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Private Session

A one-on-one, two-hour energetic spring clean.


You'll feel lighter, clearer and  more aligned with your self and your life. Together, we will lighten the load, expand your consciousness and self-healing abilities and... tap into the magical being that you are.  


This session is run by zoom, or in person at your home or Epping.


$250 per session

Book now.

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Thrive Program

A 6-week program designed to shift you life into alignment and abundance.

We use a combination of yoga, breathing, meditation, healing, mentoring and connection to tune into the magic of healing, moon cycles and self-love. 


For more information, click here.

Private sessions $1250

(zoom, your home or Epping)

Group Program $750

(held in Epping)

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Deep Winter Retreat

A week-end to harness the restorative power of the dark moon, collective healing of the deep feminine and the magic of women gathering together with the same intention,

3 days and 2 nights at Swamis Retreat, Kenthurst.

All activities, melas and accomodation included.

June 14-16, 2023

Learn more.

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