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Specialised Yoga for Women - Private Sessions

Tara now teaching at Pennant Hills Tennis

Monday 6pm & Friday 11am

Tara has specialised in yoga for women for over 15 years.  Combine this with almost 20 years as a Doula and Birth Educator and having had 6 children herself, Tara brings a wealth of experience, non-judgement and always a bit of a laugh thrown in for good measure.

"Tara's approach is friendly, caring, easy to implement into a busy lifestyle, simple and effective.  I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."   Mel.

Tara offers specialised yoga classes for:

  • Pregnancy and Birth

  • Post Natal Recovery, Pelvic Floor Recovery (including prolapse and incontinence) and Abdominal Recovery (including separated abdominal muscles)

  • Anxiety (Including PTSD)

  • Depression (including PND)

  • Fertility, IVF and miscarriage 

  • Those experiencing loss and grief

  • Anything related to being a woman really :)


Tara is currently offering private sessions from Pennant Hills in your home or online via zoom. 

$120 per hour or $550 for 5-week package.


Tara has a collection of pre-recorded classes you can access via a designated Facebook Group. 

These included prenatal, mums & bubs, Women's Moon yoga (a general class for women that follows the moon cycle) and Yin yoga for anxiety.

Prenatal Yoga

Specialised pregnancy class designed to easily be adjusted to different stages, phases and symptoms of pregnancy.  Easily adapted to you energy levels and suitable for all levels of yoga and fitness experience; including beginners.

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Bring your new baby and join Tara for a yoga session that focuses on rebuilding your posture, core and energy levels.  Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that not only help with depression and anxiety but also connect you to your intuition to more easily connect with the baby and its needs. 

Women's Moon Yoga 

Connect you to the lunar cycle, which is your body's natural rhythm to improve your strength and energy levels. Foster a calm and clear emotional mental state and bring balance to your life. This session is perfect for general health and wellbeing, including pre-pregnancy. 

Warrior Goddess Yoga

A stronger yoga practice that focuses on developing strength in mind, body and spirit.  Improve your muscle tone and stamina as well as a sense of achievement as you learn more advanced yoga postures.

Yin Yoga for Anxiety

A restorative practice to untangle, unwind, slow down and find yourself amongst the never-ending to-do lists. Soothe the nervous system and includes well-researched yoga practices that assist with anxiety and depression.

All classes assist in supporting and strengthening pelvic floor, posture and good breathing techniques.

Tara has helped over 1000 women thrive in motherhood.

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