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5 Self-Care Secrets

Self-care is a hot topic. I see women with too much on their plate and it becomes yet another job. It’s more than making time and space for yourself. Because if this is your idea of self-care, then it will probably never be enough. Your energetic output will be more than your input. Let me pose the question. What fills you up? What inspires and energises you? The answer to these questions should form the foundation of your daily life — aka your lifestyle.

Here are my 5 key self-care takeaways.

  1. Me-time is an important aspect, but me-time alone is not enough and usually too hard to get anyway.

  2. You want your daily lifestyle to look after you as well as your loved ones.

  3. You need to really explore and identify what it is that you want to create in your life, not just what you don’t want.

  4. You need to let go of things that are tethering to your past and create new habits, rhythms, and rituals.

  5. Sometimes everything feels like it’s falling apart, but it’s really falling away. A fresh space is paramount to allowing something new into your life!

What can you do more of on a daily basis that will bring more joy and love into your life? Self-care is about self-love and to love yourself is to love your life.

Tara Darlington Tara is the founder of Empowering Motherhood. She mentors and supports women through deeply profound life transitions unique to woman and motherhood. Follow

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