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The Existential Crisis of Womanhood

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Over the last 20 years, I have worked with women as a yoga teacher, doula, healer and mentor. I’ve had the privilege of supporting women through huge life transitions. This has given me an intimate understanding of the inner conflicts facing many women today.

I am a widow and mother of 6 children. I have had 24 years of children at home, (my oldest is just completing university and my youngest just turned 11). I certainly know what it’s like to go through the cycles of transition. The expectations you place on yourself often make life’s transitions extremely difficult and leave many women, feeling wounded and alone.

We know that motherhood is the mother of all jobs — yet it’s often cast as a bit of a “side gig” by our society.

My clients often describe their lives as having too many things going in different directions. They feel overwhelmed and/or underwhelmed, exhausted, depleted, anxious, isolated and stressed. Like their lives are going around in circles, and they are not getting where they wanted or expected to be. Some women describe their days as a never-ending to-do list of other peoples’ needs and demands, without a moment to catch their breath.

This can leave you with a lack of achievement, success, and self-worth. Basically feeling like they aren’t doing anything particularly well.

The women I work with know that they are ‘lucky’ to have children, a nice home and food on the table. They understand that they should be ‘grateful’ for all that they have. But they are still dominated with languor states of burden, exhaustion, and depletion. Everywhere they turn, they are constantly bombarded with messages telling them to practice gratitude and mindfulness. It’s overwhelming and all of this is leading many women to blame themselves, sleeplessness, depression and anxiety.

All of this together is creating a cycle of guilt and shame with women feeling like they are about to explode or implode.

This is the existential crisis for women.

I am here to share with you that you’re not going crazy and you’re definitely not alone!

Why are so many women feeling this way?

To put it simply, our lives are complicated, the fantasy of the nuclear family has failed us. We are trying to be too many things to too many people and our expectations and identity are not only challenging our everyday thinking but also affecting our everyday being.

Does this sound familiar? You’re the superwoman who people expect to go above and beyond. The woman that people say, “I don’t know how you do it”. On the outside, you smile and on the inside, you’re thinking (Omg, I’m not!). If this sounds like you, then it’s time to listen to take a step, rest and revaluate.

You need to get back to some of the simple things in life that make you happy and ask yourself. How long can you actually keep going like this? Because you’re living on borrowed time. Or as I like to put it, you’re living on borrowed energy and are headed for a burnout.

You are borrowing energy from your future self.

If, your lifestyle is depleting your energy and motivation. It is draining the enjoyment of your life.

In fact, you are sucking the life right out of yourself, literally! And the irony is in trying to stay young and successful, you are cultivating the exact opposite feeling within yourself.

What if I told you there was a different energy source that you’re not tapped into it. And that the one you’re using is depleting quickly and providing the wrong fuel which is causing you unnecessary wear and tear.

There is a forgotten energy source that your soul is craving. A renewable energy source is just the right fuel for you as a busy woman.

A collective deep feminine energy source that is waiting to welcome you home and is ready for you to plug into and give you exactly what you need.

It’s time to unplug from this depleting energy source by unwinding, untangling and decluttering your overly-busy life.

It’s time for women to rest, restore and heal from the wounds of this over-complicated life.

What is Empowering Motherhood?

At Empowering Motherhood we mentor women through the deeply profound life transitions that are unique to womanhood and motherhood with a combination of yoga, healing, coaching and community.

As the founder of Empowering Motherhood, I believe that every woman that finds their passion and reconnects with their inner knowing to regain their inner strength creates a healing ripple effect in the community.

My mission is to empower change in the world by helping motherhood regain its rightful leadership role in society as the conscious creators for their life, family and community.

And create a new reality where you feel energised, supported, valued as a whole woman.

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